Open Component Portability Infrastructure (OpenCPI)

An open source software (OSS) framework to simplify complexity and enable code portability of real-time systems

  • Creates a hardware abstraction layer for embedded real-time systems
  • Real-time middleware for embedded systems
  • Middleware for Waveform-Ready™ Processing Platforms leading to improved waveform code portability with standards-based interfaces
  • Increased interoperability using container technology
  • Real-time virtualization
  • Component Portability Infrastructure (CPI) is a real-time embedded (RTE) middleware framework that simplifies programming of heterogeneous processing applications requiring, in a system or across a tech refresh, a mix of processing and interconnect technologies.

Designed for heterogeneous component-based applications such as:

FPGA, GPP, DSP, GPU, Multicore processing, peer model Interoperable Intra-chip, interchip, interboard, network interconnects within applications Component basis means sharing and reuse of sub-application functions The reality of complex, SWAP (size weight and power)-sensitive, deployed applications Open standards compliant uses: US Government's Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Industry standards used or supported

  • OCP


2011/09/08 OpenCPI now supports OpenCL. [more]

2011/03/07 OpenCPI now supports Xilinx ISE 13.1. [more]

2010/12/21 OpenCPI now supports Xilinx ISE 12.4. [more]

2010/12/01 Getting ready for ISE 12.4. [more]

2010/11/28 Protocol Monitors for WCI and WSI. [more]

2010/10/08 OpenCPI has a community forum. [more]

2010/10/01 OpenCPI is using Bugzilla for defect tracking. [more]

2010/09/12 Getting ready for the big merge but ISE 12.3 first. [more]

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